Continuous development of new technologies

SCHMIDT policy has always been the development of new heat exchangers in order to meet with the market requirements. Own product research and applications experience combined with research programmes at seveal universities and technical institutes enabled SCHMIDT to develop and launch several generations of plate heat exchangers.

Modern methods

Modern computer-controlled data acquisition systems are used to record the extensive measurements SCHMIDT make to assess the performance characteristics of their different heat exchangers.
Fully automated equipment is used for durability tests. The items being tested are placed under stress to find the absolute limits of the equipment and its specific material qualities.

With these facilities SCHMIDT also undertake products trials on material received from customers and provide fully documentated evaluation reports.

SCHMIDT engineering

In order to optimixe the technical and econcomic performance of SCHMIDT heat exchangers we have developed extensive and efficient computer software programmes that reflect SCHMIDT's extensive practical experience and capability.
Aided by latge data banks, SCHMIDT engineers can provide, quickly and efficiently, economic tailor-made solutions to our customers problems.

Automated manufacturing programme

SCHMIDT have automated almost all production sequences. For example the manufacturing equipment includes a CNC-controlled oxygen plate cutting machine for the low cost production of the SIGMA frames assemblies.

High-performance gaskets for SIGMA heat exchanger plates are glued in by a robot-controlled process which has a variable operational programme for different gasket materials.

Tool and die manufacture

SCHMIDT-Bretten has a very large investment in fools and dies used in the production of SIGMA heat exchanger plates.
The tool and die maker's shop is fistted out with the most modern engineering equipment. This equipment allows great flexibility and speed in the development, desing and supply of new plates.