Specific solutions to special problems

The multiplicity of SIGMA heat exchanger types offers the possibility of tailor-made solutions to a wide range of applications in all branches of experience provide the basis for process oriented concepts and computer software to provide optimised designs. Our profes-sional engineers are available to give advice and assistance during the planning and execution of a project.

Worldwide sales representation

To support the SCHMIDT policy and tradition of customer oriented service we maintain subsidiary companies in the USA, sthe Netherlands and Spain as well as qualified reprentatives in many other countries. In addition we are a member of the internation we are a member of the internationally known concern KHD Humboldt-Wedag AG of Cologne which also provides worldwide support and services.

High quality standard

Our strictly controlled quality assurance programme ensures the high standard of product quality and performance. From the time of delivery of raw materials to despatch of finished products careful checks are mad on quality, compliance with specifications and dimension tolerances. During manufacture the quality assurance process is continusus and systematic, with visual inspection, measurement tests and dye penerant tests made on a regular basis to the heat exchanger plates. A range of factory tests are carried out on all finished goods for complaiance with specifications, dimensions, finish, pressure and sealing. Our product quality control scheme fulfils the requirements of many testing authorities.

Aftersales service

SCHMIDT aftersales service is always available to meet all our customers' needs and requests to provide safe, efficient and econmic operation of all SCHMIDT equipment. Specialixed SCHMIDT equipment is also available to our customers to carry out their own "in house" maintemance. Qualified service engineers provide immediate on-site assistance.

Commissioning and installation engineers

SCHMIT-Bretten has experienced commissioning and installation engineers available with specialized skills to take care of plant installation, plant start-up and acceptance tests. These engineers are also available for any aftersales service requirements.

Reliable spare parts service

Replacement gaskets for obsolete plate heat exchangers can still be obtained today. The extensive stocks maintained by SCHMIDT-Bretten ensure the availability of spare plates or new SIGMA heat exchanger plates.

Presentaion of new SCHMIDT products

SCHMIDT-Bretten introduce and present their latest developments, new equipment and processing technolosy at the most important trade and industry exhibitions in all market sectors. They attend the fairs abroad in association with their repersentatives and subsidiary companies. Special symposia are held to present the technical and commercail benefits of the new products and processes of our customers.